Affirmative Action: Equity or Inequality?

Affirmative Action Since its introduction in the mid-1900s, the concept of affirmative action has continuously sparked controversy. Defined by Stanford as “positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas from which they have been historically excluded,” affirmative action remains a widely debated topic amongst younger and older generations alike. Opposition […]

Harvard’s Denial Of Asian American Applicants Is Based On Race

Introduction As Harvard is a well-known, prestigious university, it receives many applicants each year. With each college, certain factors are considered by the admissions process when reviewing applicants — not only are academics important, but Harvard has also sought to test an applicant’s personality, which many Asian Americans are currently claiming has led to a […]

Trump To Rescind Affirmative Action: An Attack On Students Of Color

Trump’s Agenda The Trump administration is moving backwards to emulate former Bush-era policies regarding education and race. Trump rescinding Obama-era policies on diversity among colleges is an attack on not only his legacy, but all American schools. What This Means With Trump and his administration’s work to rollback these guidelines, students of color will have […]