A Transgender Tragedy

Let us redefine ourselves before judging those redefining their gender.   The wave of hate crimes against the LGBT community has crashed more often than we would like onto our shores and now even in Pakistan. It seems as if every minority group has been targeted; recently, hate crimes have been geared towards transgenders. The […]


The hashtag, #RIPBisma had erupted on all social media platforms about two weeks ago. Angry Pakistanis blamed PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto, for the death of a 10-month old baby girl named Bisma. The story is simple: Bhutto had came to Karachi Civil Hospital to be inaugurated and to personally welcome the new trauma center being […]

Heroin not Heroine: Pakistan—The Most Addicted Country in the World

Drugs are quite a taboo subject especially for those in Pakistan, a country who is predominantly Muslim and has a strict culture. Nonetheless, taboo or not, this problem must be regarded. Many may be alarmed when they hear that Pakistan was and currently, still is, the heroin capital of the world. “But what does Pakistan’s […]

The Brain Drain

Young, opportunistic, smart and in need for money. Does this sound familiar? This may be the description of the person you used to be or even the person you are now: trying to leave your mother country in search for a better life, whether that be Great Britain, The United States, Australia, or Canada. But […]

On Corruption

You all may have heard of the phrase, “the rich just get richer and the poor just get poorer.” This is more than just a saying in the case of Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan and endless list of problems do not originate from the people at the lower part of the pyramid, but rather, […]

Acid Victims in Pakistan

         Throwing acid in the face of a person is an act that is meant to hurt someone both emotionally and mentally. It’s a gruesome crime that seems immoral of someone to do, but happens too often in places like Pakistan and India, or usually in areas where women aren’t that powerful. […]