Justice System Almost Never Holds Men Accountable for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is currently an issue occurring around the world, and the justice system has barely done anything to fix the situation. There’s been a lot of men arrested for sexual assault or rape; most of the time, the  justice system does find them guilty and sentences them to jail, but also they find them not […]

The Reality of Child Marriage in the United States

The Issue The United States of America boasts incredible liberties. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave; the “American dream” is a tangible hope for millions of immigrants. But one incredibly harsh loophole remains in this paradise: child marriage. At the very least, over 200,000 minors were married between […]

Legalize Prostitution, Protect Prostitutes’ Rights

Society’s Taboo Subject: Prostitution When most hear this word, many turn their heads or try to change the subject. Prostitution is a topic that people view in poor light, and no child would ever dream of being a prostitute. When most people imagine a prostitute, their image would most likely be a girl who’s dressed […]