The Dynamics of Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has been the child of worldwide controversy right from its discovery in the 1900s. With the advent of nuclear fission and its numerous applications, history has scripted a nuclear chapter- inundated with striking benefits and tragic catastrophes. Although the naysayers of nuclear power are aplenty, the contribution of nuclear energy towards restoring the earth’s […]

Climate Change: The Importance of our Future

The phones we use, how we warm up our house, the use of our stove: It is essentially all contributing to greenhouse gases that permit the carbon dioxide that stores heat on the Earth. Climate change is a major problem that is affecting all forms of life on Earth. Over the years, the increase in […]

What Is Climate Change Doing To Our Planet?

Climate Change has been a major issue in our society for as long as most of us can remember. But just in recent years, it has become a threat to our planet. There is some opposition to the issue because some believe that climate changeĀ is not real. However, it has been scientifically proven with many […]

What’s Causing The Heat Wave In California?

Heat Waves There is not doubt that southern California is an incredibly hot place, but recently it has been hit with heat wave after heat wave. The typically unbearable heat is being turned up by mother nature to record breaking levels. In July of 2018, the heat reached an all time high, never seen before. […]