How Universities Can Alleviate Financial Stress Going Into The Fall

Introduction In March of this year, restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of United States college students to their homes to continue their spring semester online. As many universities have announced plans for the upcoming fall semester, most have decided that they will be offering hybrid courses; that is, the option for students […]

Reopening Schools During COVID Is Not A Harmless Trial Run

Plans for Reopening Colleges and Universities Many colleges and universities are announcing their plans to resume in-person instruction this fall in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some schools are already beginning with online classes, two-thirds of colleges are planning on having students back on campus. These announcements of returning to campus are coupled […]

International Students Must Be Allowed to Continue Their Studies in the US

New ICE Regulations On July 6th, US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released modified guidelines regarding international college students taking courses online in the fall semester. Previously, foreign students were only allowed to take a limited number of online classes, but in the previous spring and fall semester they were given the flexibility to continue […]

International Students Betrayed: Must Leave The US If Classes Are Online

Note: This article was completed on Monday, July 13th. The next day, Tuesday, July 14th, ICE reversed this policy. On Monday, July 6th, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement made an announcement that sent shock waves across the nation. They declared that if an international student was not taking any classes at their school in-person, […]

The Undue Burden of Student Loans

Severity of the Student Loan Crisis If the sky is the limit, then student loans are the hurricanes of the current generation: a destructive force preventing the nation’s youth from reaching their true potential. Over the recent decades, the student debt crisis has ballooned into an immense issue that can no longer be pushed aside; […]

Universities Are Ineffective At Handling Cases Of Sexual Assault

Introduction There is a lack of transparency between universities and students regarding allegations of sexual assault. Under the guise of phrases such as “we take this very seriously”, colleges and universities release statements concerning sexual assault allegations that often amount to meaningless words when effective and timely action is not taken. Lack Of Transparency Colleges […]