How Free Palestine Aligns with Black Lives Matter and Builds Solidarity

The Rise of Social Change Despite the COVID-19 pandemic locking most people indoors, there has been an explosion of social movements from the start to the end of quarantine, beginning with the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, LGBTQ+ advocates, and social media activism. But one of the newest and most shocking […]

The Critical Race Theory Is Not A Direct Attack On You As An Individual

The Critical Race Theory, which has been used by sociologists, focuses on the racism that is embedded in institutions and systems that we as a society participate in. Lately, there has been an uproar about the CRT and whether it should be taught in school; some states have gone through with banning the discussion in […]

Global Response is Needed to End China’s Repression of Uighurs

Introduction The Chinese government has held more than a million Muslims in concentration camps. They use different ways to torture them, similar to what happened during the Holocaust. They have been doing this for a long time behind closed doors, so no one else can interfere. Some people do not think that this is a genocide but […]