Are There More Pros or Cons to Online Learning?

Introduction Since COVID-19 started, schools were shifted to online learning, which was new to many students. It was hard for professors and teachers to get used to the new teaching and learning system. Many students’ mental health has been negatively affected during the online learning mode while some students are still having trouble getting used […]

Why Wearing Masks is Very Important During COVID-19

Introduction Wearing masks and following other guidelines during this pandemic is very important because it helps to reduce the spread of germs to other people who are near you. Wearing a mask was required when COVID-19 started for everyone’s safety, but not everyone has been following this guideline, which increased the spread of this virus even […]

The Virtual Divide: Online vs. In-Person Learning in Fall 2020

As schools begin to reopen or begin virtual teaching this fall, institutions face the difficult decision of whether or not they should hold in-person classes. Private schools possess higher funds and more resources to enforce safety precautions that enable students to physically attend school each day, putting students enrolled in private institutions at an advantage. […]

The Importance Of Mental Health In Relation To Education During A Pandemic

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has been going for about seven months now, and American schools are reopening for a new school year. Since the coronavirus hit America, everyone went into a state of quarantine. People were isolated from each other, which had significant mental impacts; stress and anxiety were increased. Restrictions were attempted to be lifted […]

U.S. Foster Care System Overwhelmed By Pandemic

Projected Surge In Demand For Foster Care The U.S. foster care system is already stressed by the coronavirus recession. Yet, the economic hardships caused by the pandemic may lead to even more children entering foster care as unemployment, poverty, and homelessness increase. Since the lack of financial security during a recession disincentivizes potential foster parents, […]

The Vaccine Affidavit Refutes the Anti-Vax Nescience

Generation after generation, we have been witness to the pathogenic world ruling over our biosphere. Smallpox virus havocked centuries of our living, HIV rusted the second bit of the 20th century, and the 21st century heralded its second decade with the mass-destruction by COVID-19. Especially during such grim times, one must reflect upon the past and […]

We Need Masks To Move Forward As A Nation

As we enter a new, challenging phase of the pandemic and consider the next step in reopening our country, many are asking what can be done to ensure safety and the ability to move forward sustainably. Many are calling on leaders at the local, state, and federal level, to make the right decisions so that […]

The Undervalued Importance Of Wearing A Mask

Introduction On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 had reached around the world and had been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Two days later, the United States declared a state of emergency, and schools were shut down across the nation in the name of safety. This was the official start of quarantine, which was […]

The Short Sightedness Of Americans Will Prolong The Pandemic

Had any of us been asked the last time we had the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time at home a year prior to Covid, we would have revelled in the distant memory. However, that magical dream has turned into a lucid nightmare. We live in this semi-conscious state, awaiting the moment we’re […]

Yemen’s Current Crisis

Introduction Across the Middle East, the Arab Spring dethroned numerous dictators, inspiring an uprising in Yemen. Since 2014, Yemen has faced a civil war as well as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The war began when Houthi rebels took over Yemen’s capital city and overthrew the government. The Houthi insurgents were military rebels looking to […]