Pandemic Policymaking: An Opportunity For UBI Supporters

Universal Basic Income Universal basic income (UBI) is an economic policy that guarantees each governed citizen a periodic sum of money, no strings attached. Unlike other types of social security, every person can receive UBI benefits regardless of factors like employment status or income. Most recently, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang used his platform […]

The Negative Mental Effects of COVID-19

The Hidden Pandemic Within COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, and resulted in a tremendous shift in almost everyone’s life. Due to safety precautions, non-essential businesses had to close, and schools moved to remote learning. Because of these closures, many people either began working/learning from home, or were let go from their jobs. […]

Costs of An Online Learning Environment

Schooling During the Pandemic  Education got flipped on its head in the recent months. With the introduction of Covid-19 to the United States in early 2020, almost immediately, schools went online to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff. Months later, that is still a pressing concern with the pandemic ravaging around the country. […]

The Erosion of Democracy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

INTRODUCTION In San Antonio, Texas, a 30-year-old man died after deliberately attending a party with an individual infected with COVID-19 to see if he would contract the disease or not. It was reported that before he died, the man stated that he had made a mistake and thought the virus had been a hoax. It […]

Pandemic Is An Opportunity To Reconstruct Outdated Academic Systems

Introduction In modern American society, there is a consensus on the school system being flawed, especially in students’ opinions. From core curriculum becoming a political issue to complaints about academics focusing on impractical subjects, a negative perspective on the education system is not recent news. However, as the pandemic continues to hinder the possibility of […]

A Critical Moment For Coronavirus And Climate Change

The Similarities  The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly a pressing public health crisis, but it is not the only urgent global issue. Climate change has been impacting the globe for decades, and as its effects continue to worsen each year, the world is quickly running out of time to deal with it. While the world suddenly […]

Insult To Injury: American Renters Facing Eviction During The Pandemic

Soon after it made its way to the United States, the coronavirus pandemic proved to be more than just a health crisis. By forcing school closures, it’s hurt students’ education. By forcing quarantines, it’s impacted social skills and relationships. In being extra-dangerous to the elderly, it has separated them from their loved ones during their […]

How To Write Special Education On Pandemic Paper

A Rough Transition Lifestyles changed abruptly with the arrival of COVID-19, forcing everyone to adjust to a new and hopefully temporary normal. Many individuals have been struggling with various aspects of the transition against the fluctuating backdrop of circumstances. But one group that may have gone overlooked is the one that consists of students with […]

A Recipe For Disaster: College Campuses Set To Reopen For The Fall Semester

Spring 2020 was an unprecedented semester for colleges and college students, as the coronavirus sent students home from campus very suddenly at the beginning of March. Schools were forced to quickly prepare a distance learning plan to continue their semester, while many students stressed over a lack of resources necessary for remote classes. It was […]

We Need A Green New Deal Now More Than Ever

INTRODUCTION Do not let the current state of carbon emissions fool you. Due to worldwide limited use of fossil fuels, airplanes, and ships because of the global shutdowns caused by the coronavirus epidemic, carbon dioxide emissions have plummeted in the past few months. In some cities, smog drifted away from the atmosphere, making it appear […]