Why Diversity is Necessary for Democracy

New Members of Congress On January 3rd, 2019, the newest members of the House and Senate were sworn in. This incoming class is reported to be the most diverse in history- in both race and gender. 40 of the politicians are women, and 60 are men, which is the smallest gender disparity in American history. […]

The Rise of the “Manel” and the Solution

Here’s a riddle: What do the 2016 Finnish Medical Convention, the 2016 Scientific Software Days Conference, and the 2015 meeting of foreign ministers to speak about the Syrian Refugee Crisis all have in common? Every panel at these events only included cis-men speakers. The lack of gender diversity at these conferences is no anomaly: in fact, it has become quite […]

Hollywood Is Still a White Man’s Business

Hollywood is very white.  Minorities are underrepresented by a factor of three to one as in lead roles in film and as film directors.  Oscar voters are 94% white. Out of the hundreds of actors and actresses nominated for Academy Awards, only 45 of them were of African-American descent. Out of the 45, only 13 […]