Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Supported During The Pandemic

Overview Congress passed a coronavirus response bill to help with the emergency relief from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, undocumented immigrants are left out of the bill. Although some may not want to send aid to undocumented immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to support them because they are overrepresented as essential workers and […]

An Empty Promise: Why the Wall is an Impractical Immigration Policy

Funding for President Trump’s border wall may have slipped through the cracks after the government shutdown, but the border wall still remains a contentious issue among politicians. Thus, it will be just as important in the future for Democrats to double-down against Trump’s border wall – an ineffective policy measure riddled with impracticalities. The Current […]

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Time to Ice Out ICE

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a federal agency under the Department of Homeland Security, accredited with enforcing the immigration policies of the United States. Given the recent exacerbation of President Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy, the morality behind detainment methodologies — or the lack thereof — have become a growing concern. […]

Security for Both Sides: The Benefits of Sanctuary Cities in the USA

Introduction As America struggles to cope with the influx of immigrants over her borders, devastation ensues. Such was the case in Newman, California when a suspected illegal immigrant evaded police to return to Mexico, in the process fatally shooting a Newman police officer, Ronil Singh. In the wake of the tragedy, adversaries of sanctuary laws […]

End Investment Into Inhumane Detention Camps for Illegal Immigrants

Unknown Statuses Historically, America has been known as the “Land of Opportunity,” providing colonists and immigrants with new chances. It encouraged people to emigrate to a new place that can grant them privileges. However, recent cases of immigration are the results of war, famine, or disaster that has struck the immigrants’ homes. Because the immigration […]

Mollie Tibbett’s Death: Not An Opportunity To Advance Political Views

Introduction Mollie Tibbetts was found on August 21st, one month after she was reported as missing. The case had been circulating the US after Tibbetts never returned from her evening jog, in which it is now known that Cristhian Bahena Rivera, an undocumented immigrant, murdered her after she refused his offer to run alongside her. […]