The Vaccine Affidavit Refutes the Anti-Vax Nescience

Generation after generation, we have been witness to the pathogenic world ruling over our biosphere. Smallpox virus havocked centuries of our living, HIV rusted the second bit of the 20th century, and the 21st century heralded its second decade with the mass-destruction by COVID-19. Especially during such grim times, one must reflect upon the past and […]

Childhood Vaccinations Should be Mandatory In America

Introduction  Vaccinations have been an ongoing debate for a long time. Ever since they were introduced in 1798, people have been skeptical and full of questions. The debate died down for a while until the 2016 presidential elections in which Donald Trump supported anti-vaccine pseudoscience. While anti-vaccination movements have been around for years, today’s anti-vaxxers […]

Should Vaccinations be Mandatory?

Why Vaccinate Over the last few centuries, diseases that were once prevalent, like polio, are becoming rare due to vaccinations. Thirty-five years ago, the World Health Organization declared that smallpox had been eradicated, the ultimate hope scientists have for all diseases. Vaccines can help prevent dangerous diseases, but some people fear that routine shots may […]