Do NOT Vote Twice

Recent Events Recently, at an event in North Carolina and on Twitter, President Trump encouraged voters to test the integrity of the election by voting twice. Specifically, President Trump suggested that voters should vote via mail-in ballot and then also go vote at a polling station. He stated that “if the system is as good […]

Biden’s America Is The Safe And Secure America We Need

In less than two months, Americans will make a monumental choice about the future of this country, in the midst of a raging pandemic, record unemployment, and economic turmoil. Americans will choose between two figures, one of whom hails mask-wearing and social-distancing as unnecessary, and another who condemns violence and relies on science to make […]

The Controversies Of The Mail-In Ballot

With no sign of coronavirus disappearing by the November election, the United States has to consider alternatives to the traditional polling station system. The pandemic makes the regular organization of polling stations unsafe. Yet, social distancing requirements reduce the number of voting machines and voters allowed inside a polling place at one time. This produces unreasonably […]

The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unfair Way To Elect Presidents

What Is The Electoral College?  2016 was the most recent election where there was controversy regarding the electoral college. Even though Donald Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, he won the election because he gained 74 more Electoral College votes. This has only happened four times in America’s history, most of them dating back to the […]

The Unfounded Concerns Over Mail-In and Absentee Ballots

Current Use of Voting by Mail With the number of COVID-19  cases still escalating in some areas of the nation, states are struggling to find a way to continue elections while ensuring the safety of their residents. The danger of in-person voting can be seen in Wisconsin, where government officials decided to hold the Democratic […]