Human Activities Causing Wildfires in Amazon Rainforest

The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been undergoing a catastrophe in recent weeks. The Amazon rainforest is experiencing a major wildfire problem that spanned over 8 countries in South America, including Brazil. 10,000 new fires have started from Aug. 18 to Aug. 23 near the Brazil region. The Amazon rainforest is a big deal because it […]

In the Ashes of the Flames: The Aftermath of the Carr Fire

In the blazing wake of the Carr Fire, which has stretched across practically 100,000 acres in Shasta County, many residents are left homeless—and with more questions than hope. Some look to a car malfunctioning as the root of the matter, as evidenced through various reports. But several other factors served as perfect kindling for this […]

Climate Change: How Does It Affect and React To California’s Fires

Introduction The wildfires in California this year have become the worst in American history, expanding at an alarming rate and destroying everything that comes in their path. While firefighters from California and across the states have been able to put out most of the fires like the Gulch Fire and the Nelson Fire, there are still […]