Lessons Learned from Malala

“I came from a country that was created at midnight.” In the dead of the night she held the ingredients of change. At the crack of dawn she brew a revolution. “When I almost died it was just after midday.” By the evening her courage had upset the balance of Pakistan in the favor of […]

Acid Victims in Pakistan

         Throwing acid in the face of a person is an act that is meant to hurt someone both emotionally and mentally. It’s a gruesome crime that seems immoral of someone to do, but happens too often in places like Pakistan and India, or usually in areas where women aren’t that powerful. […]

Saudi Women Gain Right to Vote: Still Need Permission

When we think of Saudi Arabia, the image that comes to mind is an oppressive monarchy, with almost negligible rights for women. While that isn’t far from true, an announcement made a few days back by King Salman might be the first step towards a more liberal system. Although it was promised by King Abdullah […]

Polio Eradication in Pakistan

Pakistan remains one of only three countries in the world where polio has not been eradicated. In 1988, there was a significant public health effort initiated by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and Rotary International to eliminate all cases of the disease. By 2012, the disease was reduced by 99.9%. The current presence of this […]

Laborious and Lavish Lahore

Ah, Lahore! The capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest metropolitan area in the country, Lahore holds the place of the 14th most populous city in the world. With a vivid past, Lahore is a main cultural center of the Punjab region and Pakistan. Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, […]

Effects of Education on Empowerment

Discrimination is abusive behavior in all forms; however, it is at its worst when it lies between men and women prescribing predetermined gender roles. One of the most prominent cases of a country struggling with the competing dynamics of development, modernization, religion, and tradition is indeed Pakistan, the sixth most populous country on earth. The […]

On Pollution in Pakistan

It’s no secret: Pakistan, like any other country, has a myriad of issues. Poverty, corruption, illiteracy- it seems as if the problems never end. And they don’t. But some topics are put at the forefront, while others are relegated to the backburner. Pollution in Pakistan is a major concern for environmentalists and public health advocates, […]

The Curious Case of Female Exclusion in Feluda

The stories of Feluda – the pet name and the more recognized name of Pradosh Chandra Mitter – are a literary staple for every child growing up in Bengal as well as grown-up Bengalis. A legendary creation from the legendary Satyajit Ray, the sleuth’s appeal lies in his traits of intelligence, dexterity and wit amalgamated with […]

Cutest F*cking Feminism To Hit The Internet

  What’s prettier than little girls in princess outfits? Not these f*cking girls. According to one “princess” they’re not “The pretty f*cking helpless princess in distress” they are “pretty f*cking powerful and ready for success.” Strong, little and armed with a mouth full of choice words, these girls take sexism head on. “F-Bombs for Feminism: […]

Violence Within Us: Our Responsibility in the Aftermath of Peshawar

There. Yes there, where the guns blazed. Yes there, where hearts bled for the gentle touch of parents. Yes there, where once I shared my secrets in my best friend’s ear. Yes there, where I ran away with the favourite pencil of the class monitor. Yes there, where everyday my mother waited for me. Yes […]