How Free Palestine Aligns with Black Lives Matter and Builds Solidarity

The Rise of Social Change Despite the COVID-19 pandemic locking most people indoors, there has been an explosion of social movements from the start to the end of quarantine, beginning with the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, LGBTQ+ advocates, and social media activism. But one of the newest and most shocking […]

Is The Ongoing Police Violence A Result of Improper Training Or By Intent?

Introduction All around the world, it is known that police are put in place to control crimes and protect citizens, but sometimes, they contribute to the demise of the very society they have been sent to protect. Such demise can be seen in the US in recent years; we have been seeing a lot of the […]

The Insupportable Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Introduction On August 23, 2020, police officers of Kenosha, Wisconsin, were responding to a domestic incident. Jacob Blake was attempting to break up a fight among two women, but police officers wanted to stop him and attempted to use a taser to do so. Blake then walked around his car and opened the driver’s side […]

The BLM Current Protests Are About More Than Just George Floyd’s Murder

America Experiences National Unrest Beginning on May 26th, the United States has seen widespread national unrest following the murder of 46-year-old George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The murder and lack of immediate actions ignited protests that are still continuing today, calling for substantial reform and justice for black lives that were victims of police brutality. […]

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Why Floyd Protests Should Come As No Shock To Lawmakers

“I can’t breathe.” Three words, uttered by George Floyd as Officer Derek Chauvin ruthlessly pinned him to the ground for eight minutes, have helped spark a further conversation surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement. As a result of George’s murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police, widespread protests and riots have occurred in all […]

Black Lives Matter Movement Highlights First Amendment Violations

Introduction Throughout the past week, the Internet has surged with information and opinions surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Social media activism is at an all-time high, with Instagram stories and Facebook feeds consisting of reposts of how everyone can assist in progressing this movement and elevating black voices. Perhaps you signed petitions, donated to […]

George Floyd Riots: Violence Is Not The Answer

Introduction Bitter news has shaken the world. An African-American man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer, who refused to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck even after hearing his pleas that he could not breathe. Floyd was unarmed. This racist and senseless murder has undoubtedly caused rampant outrage throughout America and […]

A Call For Black Joy And An End To Sensationalism

I care. Didn’t you see my repost? The message being sent by most non-black people attempting to act as allies during the wake of George Floyd’s death, as the international campaign for the Black Lives Matter movement is reignited – unlike ever before. Crowds across all fifty states, along with over a dozen foreign countries, have […]