“Pro-Life”? Give Me a Break

Introduction Conservatives love to talk about being “pro-life.” By that, they mean that they are opposed to abortion (The partisan gap in views on this issue is wider than ever.) Republicans claim that abortion is murder. I strongly disagree with that view, but I respect their stance; people are free to disagree on controversial issues. […]

Extreme Weather Brings Light Towards Combating Homelessness

Introduction While many think that homelessness is rooted in modern-day problems, it commenced in America during the dawn of our new world. We can trace homelessness back to Colonial day America where beggars and outcasts were commonly found on the side of the road. Wars and revolutions then transpired, only causing the rates of homelessness […]

America’s Freedom Narrative is Making COVID-19 Catastrophe Worse

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has been catching the world by storm these last few months, forever changing social life as we know it. Surprisingly, the United States of America is the country most heavily affected by the virus and struggling the most at combating it. Many can blame the president and government, which is completely […]

Coronavirus Emphasizes Structural Racism In Healthcare

Disparities Of The Healthcare System The coronavirus pandemic is evidence of inequality in the healthcare system. But it is important to recognize that these disparities are not necessarily new. Many groups are suffering disproportionately from COVID-19, including Hispanic/Latinx communities and Native American tribes, but the healthcare system has also historically been biased towards Black people. […]