Women Should be Paid Equally as Men in All Fields

Introduction There has been amazing progress for women’s rights, but even now, they still struggle for equal pay because they want the same appreciation for their hard work that is given to men for the same jobs. When a woman has the same job as a male, she still gets paid less even though she […]

Affirmative Action: Equity or Inequality?

Affirmative Action Since its introduction in the mid-1900s, the concept of affirmative action has continuously sparked controversy. Defined by Stanford as “positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas from which they have been historically excluded,” affirmative action remains a widely debated topic amongst younger and older generations alike. Opposition […]

Bigger Than Politics: How America Has Politicized The Lives Of Its People

As the CDC announces that staying home and wearing masks in public drastically reduces the chances of spreading the coronavirus, Americans flood the streets to protest mask requirements and stay-at-home orders. As more and more scientists discover frightening evidence for the existence of climate change and the immenseness of its danger, many Americans are quick […]

Speaking With The Right Words

Words Can Hurt Why is saying “that’s so gay” and “you’re retarded” normalized in everyday society? Gay, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “is relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to people of one’s same sex”. How has the word itself come to degrade others? Take the word retarded;  it was once […]

The Power of Protests in a Digital Age

On January 19th, at the annual Washington DC march for women, I set foot in a different world. One blessed with the tolerance, support, empowerment, and development that today’s civic leaders are constantly fighting for.  Walking amongst fellow citizens that share similar hopes and aspirations for the gender equality movement as I, allowed me to […]

The Supreme Court Battle Against Kavanaugh

In early July, President Trump announced his nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Kavanaugh has served in the Bush White House and on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. As a registered Republican and social conservative, Kavanaugh would narrowly interpret the Constitution and thus negatively impact the highest […]

Why Hillary Clinton Isn’t Playing the “Woman Card”

Donald Trump has once again confirmed one thing we cannot deny: he will do anything to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Even if he has to slander every other candidate and their respective spouse in the process. On December 29th, 2015, Trump, during an interview with Face the Nation, said that Clinton is “constantly playing the woman card,” […]

The Rise of the “Manel” and the Solution

Here’s a riddle: What do the 2016 Finnish Medical Convention, the 2016 Scientific Software Days Conference, and the 2015 meeting of foreign ministers to speak about the Syrian Refugee Crisis all have in common? Every panel at these events only included cis-men speakers. The lack of gender diversity at these conferences is no anomaly: in fact, it has become quite […]

Barbies and Body Positivism

Introduction In late January, 2016, Mattel created the one of the largest changes in the doll world to date: they rolled out an entire line of diverse dolls, with differing skin tones, weights, and heights. Since 1959, one singular Barbie has dominated the shelves. That Barbie was blonde, white, and skinny. She had body proportions […]

Feminism: The Ultimate ‘F-Word’

The word “feminism” seems simple enough on paper. In any dictionary, the denotation of the word means “a movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men”, a detached term void of emotion. Yet, the connotation of this seemingly mundane name could not have been more different. For me, “feminism” has always implied […]