Rethinking the Role of Television Media in the World of Information

The media have sustained harsh blows in recent years. President Donald Trump’s open hostility toward the media’s reporting is a primary contributor. The state of television media in particular is an unhealthy one. Fox News has been under fire due to its controversies regarding COVID-19 and racial justice. CNN’s headquarters was damaged during racial protests, […]

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Local News Gone?

We have an extinction crisis on our hands. Of course, I’m aware that many species of wildlife have been dying out for years, but I’m not talking about animals here. I’m referring to the ongoing epidemic of the disappearance of bipartisan local news stations. Just like a big game hunter, Sinclair news, an ultra-conservative news […]

Censorship in Pakistan

In 2010, Reporters Without Borders placed Pakistan at 151st place out of 178 countries on its Press Freedom Index. Freedom House, an American-based organization that supports political sovereignty and individual rights, gave the country a similar placing in its Freedom of the Press Survey, at 134th out of 196 nations. Of course, we need to […]

An Abundance of Elsas: The Lack of POC in Media

Once Upon a Time My number one dislike of my appearance when I was younger: my glasses. Number two: my skin color. Where there was a pleasant olive skin tone, representative of a Cuban and Nicaraguan background, I only saw ‘Not White’. Halloweens was a bittersweet holiday. My sister, with her pale peach skin, made […]