The Gag Rule: How a Single Policy Limits Women in Need of an Abortion

What is the Gag Rule? President Trump has made the decision to bar family planning clinics and services from receiving federal funding if they either refer a woman for an abortion or promote it. This “gag rule” is preventing many women from receiving the care and contraception they otherwise lack, as well as potentially forcing […]

New Court Ruling Threatens the Availability of Planned Parenthood Services

The recent 7-4 decision, ruled by the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court, will be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of thousands of Americans. The ruling decided that the Federal Government has the power to deny funds to health care facilities if they provide any services or information relating to abortions. The Ruling On July 11th […]

Why We Need To Protect Planned Parenthood

Introduction President Trump has stated that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) does great things for women’s health, such as providing vital STD treatment and cancer screenings, but still plans to defund the organization. To what degree should politicians interfere in the health decisions between a woman and her doctor? When politicians disagree with […]

The Case of Brett Kavanaugh vs. Women’s Rights

From the birth of this country, the Supreme Court of the United States has handed down decisions that defined generations. A position on the court holds the immense power to shape legislation and even how our constitution is perceived. Due to this power, the livelihoods of many Americans lie in the hands of whoever replaces […]

The Attack on Planned Parenthood

The 21st Century has witnessed strides in women’s and reproductive rights. One organization that caters to those is Planned Parenthood. Though the organization is a huge proponent in granting women control to their own body, many disagree with the organization’s actions. Though many protest the actions of Planned Parenthood, the services that the organization provides […]