How Are Transgender People Suffering Dreadfully Due To Violence?

Transgender people should be protected by the justice system instead of being seen as a threat. The crimes against transgender people need to be recognized more and there needs to be helpful assistance to help stop the ongoing violence. Each Month Covers A Death Multiple transgender people have been killed each month in a year […]

Three Connecticut Athletes Challenge The Transgender Athlete Rule- I Agree

The Situation This June, three female track runners from Connecticut decided to voice their concerns about the transgender athlete policy. The policy allowed transgender athletes to participate on the team they identified as. The three girls filed a federal complaint because they believed the policy violated Title IX which allows everyone to have equal opportunities regardless of sex. This […]

A Call For Permanent Gender-Neutral Bathrooms In The Public

Problems LGBTQ+ People Face Everyday, we carry on in our lives with our necessities met. Most of the time, we take this for granted as we never have to face danger in the process. For example, when people use the restroom, most go to their default gender, which was assigned at birth. Using the washroom […]

Federal Court Ruling Supports Transgender Students At Boyertown High School

Introduction Transgender rights are more commonplace than ever, yet situations still arise that bring to question just how aware and accepting society is of the trans community. A recent Philadelphia federal court ruling rejected an attempt to bar transgender individuals from using restrooms and locker rooms at the Boyertown Area Senior High School in Pennsylvania. […]

A Transgender Tragedy

Let us redefine ourselves before judging those redefining their gender.   The wave of hate crimes against the LGBT community has crashed more often than we would like onto our shores and now even in Pakistan. It seems as if every minority group has been targeted; recently, hate crimes have been geared towards transgenders. The […]