Economic Impact of Immigration

As the daughter of a first-generation immigrant, my parents, along with many others, are living proof that the immigration system affects many lives. According to the Pew Research Center, Immigrants in the U.S. make up 13.6% of the U.S. population and yet are still seen as threats. America is full of opportunities, which is solely […]

Is A Pandemic Enough To Prove Our Need For Paid Sick Leave?

Don’t expect some privileged, ignorant opinion on the ‘good’ that may come out of this pandemic. You won’t be receiving it. The Coronavirus pandemic is devastating communities globally, and particularly those already most vulnerable. Here’s what I will say: Perhaps, this pandemic has helped highlight the importance of social safety nets, now that almost everyone […]

Prioritize Public Health Over the American Economy Amid COVID-19

“Will some people be affected? Yes. Will some people be affected badly? Yes. But we have to get our country open, and we have to get it open soon.” So President Donald Trump said. Over a month ago, President Trump openly declared his willingness to sacrifice his people’s lives for his beloved economy. President Trump’s […]

COVID-19: A Second Economic Shutdown Cannot Happen

Introduction The spread of COVID-19 has been a major concern for quite some time now. When COVID-19 cases first started popping up in the U.S. back in the early spring, many businesses, mainly small and nonprofit, were forced to close. This would allow for strict social distancing measures to buy time for the development of […]

Into the Unknown: Unprecedented Challenges for 2020 Graduates

Last month, students across the nation put on their graduation caps, propped open their laptops, and attended a virtual college graduation. The COVID-19 pandemic has struck lives across the globe, altering daily life with the snap of omnificent fingers. Due to the novel circumstances of the pandemic, the pressing future of the American economy, job market, […]

Pakistan’s Food Security

Financial experts have placed Pakistan on a list of 36 countries that face a serious food crisis. There are two major issues in the agricultural sector: the unavailability of food and the soaring prices due to a gap between supply and demand. The Daily Times cites that a study analyzing the food crisis in Pakistan […]

The Brain Drain

Young, opportunistic, smart and in need for money. Does this sound familiar? This may be the description of the person you used to be or even the person you are now: trying to leave your mother country in search for a better life, whether that be Great Britain, The United States, Australia, or Canada. But […]

Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Pakistan is experiencing one of the worst energy crises in history. The country’s electricity network is struggling to fulfill its power requirements, wreaking havoc on people’s lives, destroying jobs and even affecting the children attempting to receive an education. Since 2011, electricity scarcities have exceeded 7,000 megawatts. These energy shortages cost around 2 percent of […]

The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline: Can we really afford another spill?

It is only April, and so far there have already been three oil spills in the US. In 2013 there were six oil spills in the US and those were just the major ones. Every day, oil is spilled into our environment through retrieving and transporting processes. We live in an era where the world […]

The Minimum Wage: A Maximum Sentence

The untouchable job, working at a fast food chain or a supermarket, is “below” people. This sense of superiority is rooted in the inability of a minimum wage job to provide adequate living standards for employees. In some instances, the unemployed may not find work for an entire year. According to some, this lack of […]