America’s Food Shortage Through the Lens of COVID-19

Thousands of Americans are struggling to keep their homes and feed their families. The current pandemic is exacerbating already-existing crises in the U.S., such as the current healthcare crisis, racial disparities, and especially food shortages.  Food shortages in America are more prevalent than ever. Higher poverty rates and food prices are projected during COVID-19 and […]

Promote Education in Undeveloped Countries

Imagine not having a classroom, books, or teachers. Many children in undeveloped countries have to endure the reality of having extremely little access to quality education. Education, unfortunately, is not accessible all around the world. Education should be an equal opportunity. Did you know that “twenty percent of young people in developing countries fail to […]

The Problems with the American Healthcare System

More than 45 million poor Americans do not have health care in the United States and as a result almost 20 thousand of them die each year. These numbers are unprecedented for any other developed nation because throughout the world, healthcare is seen as a right and not a privilege. In the United States, any person […]

Income Inequality: 81=3.5 billion. #What?

Imagine living in the United States during a revamp of the Great Depression, or a period during a severe poverty-stricken economic drought. You would see Americans going crazy, calling for change and being fed up that they are deeper in poverty than usual. Yet, the calls for change and help that would have been made […]

The Minimum Wage: A Maximum Sentence

The untouchable job, working at a fast food chain or a supermarket, is “below” people. This sense of superiority is rooted in the inability of a minimum wage job to provide adequate living standards for employees. In some instances, the unemployed may not find work for an entire year. According to some, this lack of […]