Massacre or Riot?: The Truth Behind the Incident on King Street

The world truly has gone mad. Tarring and feathering, riots, secret meetings… I swear, it almost seems to be coming to a revolution! It’s perfectly absurd! We can’t just remove ourselves from the British empire! We are citizens of the Queen and King!  I suppose I should start from the beginning. The trouble all started […]

From Worm to Wallet: the Journey of the Mysterious Silk Road!

This is week 2 of the series From Worm to Wallet: the Journey of the Mysterious Silk Road! Last week’s segment was on the assembly of products in China, and this week’s piece is on the routes the goods took to get to their destinations. Ladies and gentlemen of London, you sit in your houses, […]

George’s Thoughts on the Depression – Of Mice and Men

This OpEd focuses on George’s internal thought process in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Set in the years of the Great Depression, Of Mice and Men focuses on two workers, George and Lennie, and their search for work. The book shows in detail both the challenges of working during the Great Depression and being […]

Reflections on a Pair of Tragic Deaths – Romeo and Juliet

This OpED focuses on Friar Laurence and Lord Capulet’s reactions to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths in William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.  Friar Laurence: I find myself wanting both wisdom and modesty. I am supposed to worship the Lord, not try to act on His behalf. I know this to be true, yet, nevertheless, I […]

Varying Opinions of Huck Finn – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This Imaginative OpEd, taking place in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, portrays the character Huck Finn from the perspectives of a local school teacher as well as Huck’s friend, Tom Sawyer. View 1: The Local School Teacher That Huckleberry Finn? Oh, he’s a bad egg, that one. No sense in trying to civilize him; […]

Two Perspectives on a ‘Broken’ Family – The Leavers

This OpEd focuses on Vivian’s decision to give Deming up for adoption, by exploring the points of view of two characters from Lisa Ko’s the Leavers, Vivian and Michael. After Polly’s disappearance, Vivian is left to care for two kids, her son, Michael, and Polly’s son, Deming. For a while, Vivian tries to take care […]

Eumaeus’ Response to Telemachus’ Quest – The Odyssey

I don’t know how much longer I can go on. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, knowing Odysseus is out there, alone and abandoned, never to step foot on native land again. Or worse his mangled body lays sprawled lifeless at the bottom of a cliff, vultures picking at the last remnants of our great […]

The Case For/Against Tom Robinson – To Kill A Mockingbird

Tom Robinson is Guilty We are currently witnessing the case of the decade in Maycomb, Alabama, where a Black man by the name of Tom Robinson stands on trial for the rape of Mayella Ewell, the white daughter of a hard-working father of seven, Bob Ewell. In this seemingly open and shut case, Tom Robinson […]