What Is Climate Change Doing To Our Planet?

Climate Change has been a major issue in our society for as long as most of us can remember. But just in recent years, it has become a threat to our planet. There is some opposition to the issue because some believe that climate change is not real. However, it has been scientifically proven with many […]

Greenland Is Losing Glaciers Because Of Climate Change

An unusual phenomenon is happening in Greenland involving its ice sheets. The ice is melting faster and faster because the total loss of ice this year increased to 2 million tons. 40% of Greenland’s ice is affected. Behind all these losses of ice is one reason- Climate change. The status of Greenland’s ice presents a […]

Environmental Issues Exist, But Our President Does Not Care

On The Issue Of Climate Change Rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice caps, and increasing global temperatures are all examples of climate change. All of those issues are caused by us, as we burn more fossil fuels for our factories and release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Climate change has caused problems around the […]

It’s Time People Start Talking About The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

What Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  Many of you may or may not know of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This patch is located in the Pacific Ocean around 32N and 145W, which is between California and Hawaii. The 1.6 square kilometer patch is made entirely up of plastic dumped from rivers and gutters. […]

It’s Time For The Next Generations to Get Involved

Why This Needs to Happen There are many current issues affecting the world today, but there are also future problems that need to be fixed soon before it’s too late. Most of the power over major problems is in the hands of people of older generations. However, these people are not doing nearly enough to […]

Taking Action on Climate Change: Time to Stop the Excuses

The State of Climate Change According to NASA’s “Vital Signs of the Planet,” carbon dioxide levels have reached 410 parts per million, the highest in 650,000 years. Additionally, global temperature has increased approximately 1.9°F since 1880, roughly the beginning of the Industrial revolution, the time period when use of fossil fuels began in massive proportions. […]

Cement Production Is Increasing Carbon Emissions

The production of cement, which uses enormous amounts of heat and energy and produces CO2 emissions, is harming the world significantly and causing climate change which has been affecting the world’s weather. Then there are many other factors in the production of cement in which the industry can cause harm to many people, especially workers and […]

UMN Researchers Spot Correlation Among Latest Crop Yields & Climate Change

Introduction Third-world and developing nations are already used to having their fair share of hard-working farmers cultivating the top global crops, including rice and wheat, but world climate change has made raising these crops much more difficult by altering temperature and precipitation patterns. According to a study held by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on […]

What’s Causing The Heat Wave In California?

Heat Waves There is not doubt that southern California is an incredibly hot place, but recently it has been hit with heat wave after heat wave. The typically unbearable heat is being turned up by mother nature to record breaking levels. In July of 2018, the heat reached an all time high, never seen before. […]

Transportation Pollution In California Is Increasing

Introduction California has succeeded in reaching its climate goal for 2020 early, in which the state aimed to produce 431 million metric tons of greenhouse gases or less. The main reason for this accomplishment has been the “growth of renewable energy;” solar and wind power have become prevalent sources of energy for Californians and already […]