Colorism in The Black Community: The Problem That Doesn’t Get Addressed

Recently a video of Erica Campbell’s daughter speaking about the hardships she has faced as a dark-skinned black girl went viral on Twitter. Many voiced their support of the young girl, while others were disappointed in Erica’s response of disbelief towards her daughter’s difficult story. As black people, we need to get real about colorism instead of dismissing the […]

Saudi Women Take The Wheel

History is made even in modern times. In June of this year, women from all corners of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed their passion and dedication transform into progress; a long-held ruling which banned women from behind the automobile wheel has been lifted. In the aftermath of recent change in which women across Saudi […]

Saudi Arabian Women: Free to Drive, But The Road to Liberty Is A Long One

Introduction On June 24, Saudi Arabian women took to the streets to drive for the first time as the Saudi monarchy lifted their driving ban on women. This comes as a part of the reforms headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who removed the ban in hopes of welcoming more women into the workforce. […]

It’s Time Feminism Got Its Place In The Indian Textbooks

Agnes Varda Speaks Her Mind At a Women in Motion gathering in Paris, held on July 3rd 2018, Agnes Varda remarked that feminism must be taught in schools, for activism to start in the minds of the youth. The veteran director, who led the protest for equal pay at the Cannes Film Festival, points out a […]

Food is Power: Embracing Body Positivity Through a Love for Food

Introduction One of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Ratatouille. Set in the glorious city of Paris, Ratatouille is the tale of Remy, a rat who develops a love for making good food inspired by watching the famous French chef Gusteau on television. When a series of events brings him to Gusteau’s original restaurant, Remy […]

The Rise of the “Manel” and the Solution

Here’s a riddle: What do the 2016 Finnish Medical Convention, the 2016 Scientific Software Days Conference, and the 2015 meeting of foreign ministers to speak about the Syrian Refugee Crisis all have in common? Every panel at these events only included cis-men speakers. The lack of gender diversity at these conferences is no anomaly: in fact, it has become quite […]

Barbies and Body Positivism

Introduction In late January, 2016, Mattel created the one of the largest changes in the doll world to date: they rolled out an entire line of diverse dolls, with differing skin tones, weights, and heights. Since 1959, one singular Barbie has dominated the shelves. That Barbie was blonde, white, and skinny. She had body proportions […]

Feminism: The Ultimate ‘F-Word’

The word “feminism” seems simple enough on paper. In any dictionary, the denotation of the word means “a movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men”, a detached term void of emotion. Yet, the connotation of this seemingly mundane name could not have been more different. For me, “feminism” has always implied […]

Three Priorities for Feminists Today

Goals of feminism from the 1900s to today have clearly transformed drastically. Demanding women get the right to vote or work sounds much simpler than demanding to stop sexism in the workspace or stop society from sexualizing women’s bodies. It’s important to understand how the one word has so much power to change society, as […]

Cutest F*cking Feminism To Hit The Internet

  What’s prettier than little girls in princess outfits? Not these f*cking girls. According to one “princess” they’re not “The pretty f*cking helpless princess in distress” they are “pretty f*cking powerful and ready for success.” Strong, little and armed with a mouth full of choice words, these girls take sexism head on. “F-Bombs for Feminism: […]