Justice System Almost Never Holds Men Accountable for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is currently an issue occurring around the world, and the justice system has barely done anything to fix the situation. There’s been a lot of men arrested for sexual assault or rape; most of the time, the  justice system does find them guilty and sentences them to jail, but also they find them not […]

The Military’s Approach to Sexual Assault: A Call For Change

The Untold Story of Military Sexual Assault The military aims to protect and serve, yet the rampant and mishandled cases of sexual assault within its ranks stands at odds with this message. As the story of Vanessa Guillen, a promising young servicewoman who was murdered by her fellow soldier after allegations of sexual harassment, has […]

Greek Life and Rape: A Tale as Old as Time

We Need to Break the Cycle The phrases “Sexual Assault” and “Greek Life” seem to show up together time and time again. This pattern is not a coincidence… organizations within Greek Life need to take a stand and change the behavior that continuously allows sexual assault to occur to their own members and those that […]

Universities Are Ineffective At Handling Cases Of Sexual Assault

Introduction There is a lack of transparency between universities and students regarding allegations of sexual assault. Under the guise of phrases such as “we take this very seriously”, colleges and universities release statements concerning sexual assault allegations that often amount to meaningless words when effective and timely action is not taken. Lack Of Transparency Colleges […]

On Victim Blaming: How Bill Cosby is Just Another Cog in the Machine

Introduction In 2014, a Pennsylvania woman was convicted for her own rape. The victim, who was a typist at a prison, was raped by an inmate who had escaped from his block. In court, the typist was punished for not taking extra steps to separate herself from the known sexual assaulter, despite the fact she had told […]

Hope for Victims of Campus Sexual Assault

Background With campus sexual assault appearing more often in the news, the story of a victim who later took her own life, Sasha Menu-Courey, has been gaining attention in the media. Sasha was a student at the University of Missouri when she was raped in 2010, causing her life to take a terrible turn. After […]

Crimson Corruption: Is Coercing Silence an Ivy Tradition?

It is a sardonic truth that, while Harvard alumna are advocating  the erasure of an adjective from our lexicon through the use of hashtags, current Harvard students are shattering the glass ceiling of authoritative apathy in the fashion of John Peter Zenger (#freedomofpress).  Last month, The Harvard Crimson published an editorial that detailed the sexual […]