Protecting Innocent Children: Abolishing Child Slavery

Many of us enjoy buying food and clothing for cheaper prices, without caring for how those goods are produced. However, we should also think about how the manufacturing of these goods affects the lives of others. Child slavery and labor is widespread across the world, and although the rates have dropped from about 30% of […]

A Transgender Tragedy

Let us redefine ourselves before judging those redefining their gender.   The wave of hate crimes against the LGBT community has crashed more often than we would like onto our shores and now even in Pakistan. It seems as if every minority group has been targeted; recently, hate crimes have been geared towards transgenders. The […]

On Victim Blaming: How Bill Cosby is Just Another Cog in the Machine

Introduction In 2014, a Pennsylvania woman was convicted for her own rape. The victim, who was a typist at a prison, was raped by an inmate who had escaped from his block. In court, the typist was punished for not taking extra steps to separate herself from the known sexual assaulter, despite the fact she had told […]

Where Are My Scientists?

Introduction Women are told from a young age that men are better at math and science. Studies back up the claim that the majority of STEM positions are held by men. Despite women making up half of the global workforce and earning more college and graduate degrees than men, only 11% of all engineers are […]

A Fearless Pakistan Means a Safer Pakistan

What Happened? Just shortly after Pakistan was devastated with yet another attack on school grounds, a suicide bombing took place near the outskirts of an army facility in Baluchistan province. The attack, claimed by Azam Tariq to be the work of Sipah-e-Sahaba, wounded a child, a civilian, and about three security force members. The intentions of the […]

Feminism is Good for the Economy

As most people in America are filled with even the simplest form of avarice, it is useless to fight for a cause without showing them their benefits first. Feminism has reached a peak and plateaued because people don’t see how any further progress in feminism could benefit anyone other than women. People are getting frustrated […]

Why Hillary Clinton Isn’t Playing the “Woman Card”

Donald Trump has once again confirmed one thing we cannot deny: he will do anything to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Even if he has to slander every other candidate and their respective spouse in the process. On December 29th, 2015, Trump, during an interview with Face the Nation, said that Clinton is “constantly playing the woman card,” […]

What is “Normalized Violence”?

(Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Violence) Introduction Let’s make this clear ­— violence in any form is NOT normal and must ALWAYS be condemned. That, however, does not seem to be represented by the media’s almost nonexistent coverage of women in Syria. The media has covered the deaths and uses of military weapons extensively. Yet most […]

Food is Power: Embracing Body Positivity Through a Love for Food

Introduction One of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Ratatouille. Set in the glorious city of Paris, Ratatouille is the tale of Remy, a rat who develops a love for making good food inspired by watching the famous French chef Gusteau on television. When a series of events brings him to Gusteau’s original restaurant, Remy […]

The Rise of the “Manel” and the Solution

Here’s a riddle: What do the 2016 Finnish Medical Convention, the 2016 Scientific Software Days Conference, and the 2015 meeting of foreign ministers to speak about the Syrian Refugee Crisis all have in common? Every panel at these events only included cis-men speakers. The lack of gender diversity at these conferences is no anomaly: in fact, it has become quite […]