Is The Ongoing Police Violence A Result of Improper Training Or By Intent?

Introduction All around the world, it is known that police are put in place to control crimes and protect citizens, but sometimes, they contribute to the demise of the very society they have been sent to protect. Such demise can be seen in the US in recent years; we have been seeing a lot of the […]

Justice System Almost Never Holds Men Accountable for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is currently an issue occurring around the world, and the justice system has barely done anything to fix the situation. There’s been a lot of men arrested for sexual assault or rape; most of the time, the  justice system does find them guilty and sentences them to jail, but also they find them not […]

The Insupportable Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Introduction On August 23, 2020, police officers of Kenosha, Wisconsin, were responding to a domestic incident. Jacob Blake was attempting to break up a fight among two women, but police officers wanted to stop him and attempted to use a taser to do so. Blake then walked around his car and opened the driver’s side […]

For-Profit Policies: Remove Corporate Influence on Politics

Corporate Involvement By now, most of us have seen the notorious image of President Trump sitting proudly in the Oval Office in front of his desk that’s full of…groceries? To be specific, Goya products. But corporate involvement in politics goes far, far beyond the president of the United States endorsing beans at the White House. […]

Endangered Species – Protecting and Supporting Animal Rights

Although most people absolutely love and care for animals, there are many people who kill animals for fun.  I think animals should be protected, live freely, and be left alone when they need to.  If you look at the numbers of animals being hunted each year, you will understand.  There are way too many animals […]

Life During The Black Lives Matter Protests

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. Though some people are ignorant of the ongoing struggle for racial equality, the BLM movement is the continuing fight for equality that people of color have always been fighting! What are the BLM Protests? The Black Lives Matter Protests are a series of protests […]

Police Brutality

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. Although some believe blue lives matter and the police are not pulling over minority races just because they are minorities, according to data many Black men and women are being shot by the police due to police brutality and people are losing their lives […]

Why We Should Abolish For-Profit Prisons

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. One of our greatest problems in a capitalist society are for-profit prisons. They are an extremely discriminatory system in which a people’s life is taken away from them. For-profit prisons are an atrocity that should be banned, because there should not be stockholders making […]

Time In Prison During A Pandemic Should Not Be A Death Sentence

As states shut down and people in the U.S. are urged to quarantine, questions arise about what is going on in prisons across the country. At San Quentin State Prison in California, for example, family members expressed safety concerns after transferred inmates were not tested upon arrival and later tested positive for COVID-19. Relatives claim that […]

The Insurrection Act Is Mortally Flawed, But The CIVIL Act Can Fix It

The Insurrection Act In 2020 Though the protests surrounding police brutality have mostly de-escalated, the people of this country remember when, just last month, violence erupted in city streets nationwide, often ignited by police forces. As many took to the streets to protest racism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, President Trump continually threatened […]