“Pro-Life”? Give Me a Break

Introduction Conservatives love to talk about being “pro-life.” By that, they mean that they are opposed to abortion (The partisan gap in views on this issue is wider than ever.) Republicans claim that abortion is murder. I strongly disagree with that view, but I respect their stance; people are free to disagree on controversial issues. […]

The Military’s Approach to Sexual Assault: A Call For Change

The Untold Story of Military Sexual Assault The military aims to protect and serve, yet the rampant and mishandled cases of sexual assault within its ranks stands at odds with this message. As the story of Vanessa Guillen, a promising young servicewoman who was murdered by her fellow soldier after allegations of sexual harassment, has […]

Trump Chooses Amy Coney Barrett For SCOTUS

The Selection After Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court Justice notable for her feminist beliefs, passed away, Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace her. She currently serves as an appeals court judge in Chicago and was appointed to this position by President Trump in 2017. She is noted to be “as reliable a vote […]

Death To The Death Penalty

In 1999, the United Nations Human Rights Commission passed the Resolution Supporting Worldwide Moratorium on Executions, which calls for all countries to abolish and restrict the use of the death penalty. The United States is one of only ten countries that voted against this resolution. Each year since then, the UN has called for a […]

The Insupportable Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Introduction On August 23, 2020, police officers of Kenosha, Wisconsin, were responding to a domestic incident. Jacob Blake was attempting to break up a fight among two women, but police officers wanted to stop him and attempted to use a taser to do so. Blake then walked around his car and opened the driver’s side […]

Time In Prison During A Pandemic Should Not Be A Death Sentence

As states shut down and people in the U.S. are urged to quarantine, questions arise about what is going on in prisons across the country. At San Quentin State Prison in California, for example, family members expressed safety concerns after transferred inmates were not tested upon arrival and later tested positive for COVID-19. Relatives claim that […]

The Ongoing Genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang

Introduction When someone thinks of genocide, they usually imagine a sudden mass murder. But, as decided at the United Nations Genocide Convention in 1948, genocide is also the physical or mental harm, prevention of births, and forced transfer of children in a certain group. The 152 member states of this convention are obligated to prevent […]

A Transgender Tragedy

Let us redefine ourselves before judging those redefining their gender.   The wave of hate crimes against the LGBT community has crashed more often than we would like onto our shores and now even in Pakistan. It seems as if every minority group has been targeted; recently, hate crimes have been geared towards transgenders. The […]

Chronicling the Ascent of Mohammad Jibran Nasir

  Imagine receiving the following call from the Taliban one day:   “If you don’t take your actions back, and if you don’t stop harassing the imam of the Red Mosque, then you are putting yourself, your family and your people at risk”.   How would you react? Many would go into hiding; most would […]

Homeless: Please Help

home·less adjective (of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.   I have a house. Not a home; a house. You see, one resides in a house. One lives in a home. One feels “at home” in a home. My house is in New York. But I’ve yet to find […]