What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

Introduction Republicans want to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools while Democrats want to use it to pass policies that further their agenda. But what is critical race theory? And should it be taught? While both sides have been quick to politicize it, critical race theory is an important subject due to […]

How Free Palestine Aligns with Black Lives Matter and Builds Solidarity

The Rise of Social Change Despite the COVID-19 pandemic locking most people indoors, there has been an explosion of social movements from the start to the end of quarantine, beginning with the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, LGBTQ+ advocates, and social media activism. But one of the newest and most shocking […]

Is The Ongoing Police Violence A Result of Improper Training Or By Intent?

Introduction All around the world, it is known that police are put in place to control crimes and protect citizens, but sometimes, they contribute to the demise of the very society they have been sent to protect. Such demise can be seen in the US in recent years; we have been seeing a lot of the […]

TikTok Is Racist Towards P.O.C.

TikTok is an app where you can make 15 second-3 minute videos. It used to be called musical.ly. Before it was called TikTok, only kids used to be on the app, but now there are teens and adults on the app. With there being grown people on the app, more political and social problems are […]

The Critical Race Theory Is Not A Direct Attack On You As An Individual

The Critical Race Theory, which has been used by sociologists, focuses on the racism that is embedded in institutions and systems that we as a society participate in. Lately, there has been an uproar about the CRT and whether it should be taught in school; some states have gone through with banning the discussion in […]

Trump’s Ban On “Anti-American” Diversity Training

The Memorandum On September 4, 2020, a memorandum was issued from the Executive Office of the President, passing a ban on diversity training in the Federal government. This notice uses language to suggest that diversity training and similar practices serve the purpose of divisiveness and act as “anti-American propaganda.” The memorandum states that any training […]

No More Generic Statements, We Want Companies to Advocate

Recent Events The recent killing of George Floyd and many other black Americans by police sparked a national reaction. While people protested in the streets, it seems that nearly every company and institution released a statement supporting social justice. At first, many of these statements may have seemed well-intentioned and sympathetic, but more often than […]

The Insupportable Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Introduction On August 23, 2020, police officers of Kenosha, Wisconsin, were responding to a domestic incident. Jacob Blake was attempting to break up a fight among two women, but police officers wanted to stop him and attempted to use a taser to do so. Blake then walked around his car and opened the driver’s side […]

Racist Monuments Do Not Belong And Must Come Down

Whether certain monuments should stay up has been a question made for years. In the last month especially, activists have persistently pushed for the removal of monuments depicting racist historical figures. Focusing mainly on confederate monuments, but also attacking those of George Washington among many other figures, these individuals feel that discarding any symbols of […]

White Mainers Need To Do More To Confront and Move Past Our Racist Past

White Mainers and Racism: Past and Present I live in one of the whitest states in the country. With 94.48% of Maine’s residents identified as white, Maine is one of the places in this country where young people can grow up never interacting with people who look different from them. Combine this with the small […]