Surviving Our Imagination: People Think About the World in the Wrong Way

Introduction Climate change is rising, hunger is growing, and the world is in chaos. Wait, let’s back up. There are facts to say that this sentence is wrong.The world is taking steps to solve these problems, slowly but surely.  We have a multitude of people saying the first sentence. Most of these people are either […]

Terrible Genocides In The World: Should We Intervene?

There are many mass genocides in the world. Although these are bad things, there is a solution. The U.S. should intervene with massacres worldwide using their military, because if it does, we can put various outside conflicts to an end. But, one bad thing is that violence would only make things worse. Even though the […]

Abuse: Animal and Child Abuse

Every living thing can get abused- even dogs, cats, and humans. You might think abuse rates are going down, but they’re actually going up, and we can prevent it. Dog Abuse Abuse can happen anywhere: at home, at school, and other places (The Dodo). A dog was found in the wild, starving and looking dead. […]

Gun Violence: A Rising Epidemic That Needs to be Abolished

Introduction Gun violence should be stopped in the world because schools are never safe and secure; the students are always frightened of school shooters and the wives of intimate partners are always in fear. They are keeping their mouths shut, thinking one day they’re going to die at the hands of the husbands and marginalized […]

Bad or Worse: Why Racism is Bad and Its Negative Effects on Our Society

Introduction Why is racism bad? Racism is a cruel thing that was created to have power over other races. Putting someone down because of their race is outrageous and thinking that one race is superior to another race is just wrong. Even though the Black Lives Matter protest has decreased racism in many ways, there […]

Gun Ownership Can Make A Change

Even though guns in the wrong hands can hurt people, guns are helpful to defend against people trying to hurt you or others. However, people should have to be licensed to use a gun. How Guns Can Save People Everyday Guns can save countless lives each day. Guns have stopped people from breaking into homes […]

Clean Air Should Be A Human Right

Introduction Everybody needs clean air; it is a necessity. Though it is critical to have clean air, about eight million people die each year because of air pollution. Every 1 in 9 deaths is due to the pollution from factories, fossil fuel mining, vehicles and so on. Almost 91% of the world’s population lives in […]

Why We Should Let Refugees into Our Country

Introduction  Although some people believe refugees should not enter other countries, they deserve to be somewhere safe Refugees should be allowed to enter and live in any country because they are running for their lives and need a place to stay far away from the danger of their country. Also, refugees are good for the […]

#NotMyAriel and How it Impacted the Community

Even though people aren’t happy that Ariel got cast as a black woman for the live show. It’s good because she was never a person in real life, so her skin color doesn’t matter. Additionally, it shows diversity in Disney princesses.  People are mad because they cast a black woman to play Ariel      People are […]